• Howto Install Logstash On Ubuntu 18.04

    In my last post ELK Stack Monitoring On Ubuntu 18.04 I attempted to get hands down on full ELK stack monitoring of your ubuntu machines. I ended up with a brief overview of Kibana, and how to install ElasticSearch and MetricBeats.

  • ELK Stack Monitoring On Ubuntu 18.04

    Managing your own servers and services can be a fun and rewarding hobby. You get to know the software you are using better and can help developers by providing feedback and bug reports. Also you lern a ton about the OS of your choice! Even better than having your own servers is knowing what is going on. Not only on the machines but on the network and maybe who is trying to login as “printserver” on port 22 ;)

  • How to free disk space from InnoDB tables (mysql or mariadb)

    Due to a malfunctioning plugin I had a database table that quickly grew up to a size of 50GB, using about 50% of my vm disk space. Here’s how I got rid of it.